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Slim Down with Soup

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A diet high in fiber is satisfying and curbs your hunger. One easy and effective way to include it in your diet is to dine on something that may already be in your cupboard – and that’s none other than soup.

Often containing about 100 calories per serving, soup is healthy and usually packed with plenty of vegetables and fiber. This helps you fill more satisfied than less healthy foods, and keeps you from consuming too many calories overall.

Here’s the skinny on how you can slim down with soup:

• Go for the low-fat and low-sodium version to make it extra healthy.
• Add beans, lentils, additional veggies or tofu to create a more fulfilling meal.
• Steer away from creamy soups and head straight to the broth-based ones.
• Try a fiber-packed bowl of soup before a meal to prevent overeating.
• Can’t find the right soup to satisfy your hunger and taste buds? Make your own healthy homemade version.


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Fewer Carbs Lower Blood Pressure

A low-carb diet can fight fat. Eating fewer carbohydratess can also lower your blood pressure — and it can be even more effective than weight loss drugs.

This new research from Veterans Affairs Medical Center and Duke University Medical Center demonstrates that it's very possible to get the same results without weight loss drugs, and without risk of potential side effects or extra cost.

The news also comes as a major benefit to those with hypertension that are trying to shed pounds. 146 overweight individuals involved in the study were broken into two groups: one that followed a low-carb diet and another that took orlistat while on a low-fat diet. 47% in the low-carb group had their blood pressure medication decreased or discontinued, while 21% of the low-fat, orlistat group had to reduce their medication.

Learn more about obesity.

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New Obesity Health Risk

Researchers recently uncovered a reason why obese people have a higher risk for health complications -- a protein called pigment epithelium-derived factor (PEDF) that is secreted by fat cells.

Research on mice shows that if some of PEDF’s action are blocked, it may reverse some complications for obese individuals and also opens up new drug opportunities.

PEDF is produced by fat cells in overweight people with higher levels of protein in the bloodstream. The protein can trigger insulin resistance, which can lead to type 2 diabetes in the bloodstream and liver and also increases risk for heart disease.

However, tests on the obese lab mice found that treatments that blocked PEDF's action resulted in lowering blood fat level and reversed some of their insulin resistance. As the mice lost weight, their PEDF levels fell. --BBC News

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New Over-the-Counter Fastin is not what you think it is

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Health Care Alert

We would like to bring your attention to a potentially deceptive product called Fastin that many of our patients were asking about.

Non-Prescription Form Not the Same Product

In the past, there was a prescription medication version of phentermine called "Fastin." This brand name drug was manufactured by King Pharmaceuticals. That specific prescription medicine was removed from the market by King in 1998 and is no longer available in the US.

Name Reused by Another Company

An over-the-counter supplement maker (Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals) has acquired the rights to the name only and is marketing its own version of Fastin in ways similar enough to confuse patients. It is important to know that this is not the same medication!

For more information, please discuss with the doctor on your next visit.

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We're Not All Built the Same

Sure we share the same Genes, Just not the same Jeans

Different Body Types
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Learn About Yourself

Learning about ourselves is a lifelong process. We change in that time too. What foods we used to eat with ease now somehow may not agree with us. We find that in time our metabolism shifts and our lifestyle energy too. We may no longer be that buoyant active jogger we used to be - and years of sitting behind a desk just aren't helping matters.

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The safe and easy way to lose weight. Under doctor’s care, without surgery or fad diets. Clinically proven weight loss methods provided by a Bariatric Physician — a medical doctor with special training in weight loss and obesity.


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