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Does your weight loss program create a unique eating program for everyone?

You receive a structured eating program based on your blood test results, food preferences, and weight-loss goals. The program we develop for you is specific to your body’s nutritional requirements.

Isn’t dieting a factor at the New York Medical Weight Loss Center?

Very much so, but balanced diet is designed for patients by bariatric physician in accordance with the patient's physical condition at the start of the program. Diet recommendations are not necessarily the same for all patients examined.

Do you provide "low carb" diets? Are they safe?

All of our diet programs are safe and follow approved medical weight loss guidelines. Your progress and results are monitored and reviewed each visit by Dr. Aron, who will be prescribing a structured diet program suitable for your weight loss condition.

Will I feel tired because of the low calorie diet?

The diet will provide all the nutrients that your body needs. Your energy will come from your body fat stores. There is no shortage of energy there. You will also be taking medication and vitamins that will improve your energy level. The 3 meals a day provide you with a steady source of energy without the blood sugar swings.

If you exercise you should keep your level of exertion sub maximal for the first week to give your body a chance to adjust to the change in macronutrients (Those nutrients normally required in the greatest amount; e.g., carbohydrates, protein, fats.) and the change occurring within the body from a principally sugar metabolism to fat metabolism for fuel.

I really want to lose weight and have tried various diets and programs in the past. I tried Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Medifast, Optifast, LA weight loss and Jenny Craig, but have never been able to stay on them very long. Either I become ill or I suffer such hunger pangs that I finally exhaust my will power. Will the diet on your program be any different?

You have probably tried one or more of the so called "crash" diets that specialize in rapid weight loss at the sacrifice of balanced nutrition. Such diets, as previously mentioned, can be dangerous to your health. Their results, though sometimes spectacular in the beginning, are often short lived.

The diet you will be advised to follow by Dr. Aron, your bariatric physician, will supply all the particular nutrients your individual body requires. You must remember, however, you will be changing your way of life as far as your eating habits are concerned. You will be exchanging bad habits for better ones and this will take a certain amount of will power. In order to help you achieve this your physician may prescribe appetite suppressants.

You will have a choice of many different foods but in smaller quantities than you are probably used to eating. You may actually start to enjoy food more than you have in the past. As time goes by, you will feel so much better that you will want to continue. You will eventually reach the point where your appetite will be satisfied with less food. When your weight has reached its optimum level, you will be able to keep it there with little effort.

Is there really any "miracle" method for rapidly and permanently removing excess body weight? I tried every diet: South beach diet, low carb diet, Atkins diet, Low-Fat Diet. It seems that I always gain back what I lost. How do I achieve a permanent weight loss?

It would seem that there are as many diets, schemes and approaches to solving the problems of being overweight as there are overweight people. It is almost impossible to pick up a magazine or newspaper without seeing at least one "new" diet, exercise or product that promises miracle results in losing weight fast. We have seen a lot of patients in our practice who have been on the above mentioned diet or have been on other diets, such as grapefruit diet, liquid diet, The Beverly Hills, Rice, and Pritikin, Zone diet, Blood type diet, food combining diet. Some of these methods do seem to work, at least temporarily, but sometimes at varying degrees of risk to the user’s health. You can initially lose 5 to 10 percent of your weight on any number of diets, but then the weight comes back, plus more. Diets do not lead to sustained weight loss or health benefits for the majority of people." Evidence suggests that repeatedly losing and gaining weight is linked to cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and altered immune function.

Our Bariatric Weight Loss Center have been established for those overweight individuals who are wary of the "off again - on again" syndrome of such methods. The center is for those who are now determined to take off weight and keep it off --- sensibly, safely, and under the supervision of medical specialists.

The Bariatric Weight Loss Program is a highly successful and realistic approach to achieving and maintaining optimum body weight

Can I drink coffee?

Yes you can. Coffee contains caffeine, which is a stimulant. Some appetite suppressants are also stimulants. Together there may be more risk of nervousness and insomnia. If you quit taking caffeine products too quickly you may develop withdrawal headaches. I do not recommend stopping your caffeine too suddenly. Most people have no problem using their regular amount of caffeine and adding an appetite suppressant.

Do I have to buy food there? Do I have to buy pre-packaged food?

No. Our meal guide is based on fresh nutritious foods available at your local grocery store.

Although food supplements plays important role in the weight loss process you are not required to buy them in the office. We will work with you on developing new habits that you can use for the rest of your life.

Meal guides are easy to follow and help individuals adhere to prescribed calorie levels. The meal guides also teach portion control and meal planning principles.

Are there any special food supplements to buy?

For convenience to our patients we do have food supplements available in the office. They can be recommended as meal replacements for patients who choose to achieve quick results in short period of time. They also can be used in addition to regular grocery foods meals as snacks in between meals. These nutritional food supplements, taken at the designated times during the day serve to minimize hunger and increase compliance.

Food Supplements ensure that individuals receive optimal nutrition during weight loss. These products contain 12-15 grams of high quality protein per serving to maximize preservation of lean body mass during weight loss, with protein sources from Calcium Caseinate and Soy Protein Isolate, the highest performance proteins available. The doctor has carefully evaluated and selected a variety of delicious, medical quality protein supplements that are only available through a health care provider’s office. The cost is comparable to other weight loss food supplements available through physicians. When doing a VLCD, these products should only be used under the supervision of a physician. Protein supplements are very effective tools in the weight loss process. They simplify a weight loss program by limiting choices —a process often referred to as “stimulus narrowing”. The high protein content helps to not only control your appetite but protect lean body mass while burning fat (see question above about body composition analysis). The overall objective is to avoid a negative protein balance and associated loss of lean body mass which commonly occurs with weight loss and minimize the anticipated slowdown in your metabolism usually seen after losing a considerable amount of weight.

Protein stimulates your metabolism. After ingesting large amounts of protein, your body works at a higher efficiency level which increases the rate of weight loss by approximately 30%. This means a more consistent weight loss with fewer plateaus. Our nutrients prevent hair loss, dry skin and nail breakage. They enhance the elasticity of the skin. They increase the variety of foods on the diet regimen, reduce boredom and help to prevent cheating.

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