Oksana Aron, M.D.

About Oksana Aron, M.D.

Dr. Aron is the Physician-Founder of WeightLossNYC™ Medical Weight Loss Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Internist and Bariatric Physician

Dr. Aron is a medical doctor (M.D.) in practice since 1989. She is a physician with significant experience in the area of medical weight loss. She received her license to practice in New York in 2000, became a Diplomat in Internal Medicine, and received her speciality in Bariatric Medicine.

Specialist in Medical Weight Loss

Each patient works with Dr. Aron in a weight loss program that addresses aspects of each individual. Unlike commercial programs, Dr. Aron’s treatment methods are comprehensive, clinically proven, and multiple factors that may negatively influence healthy life style choices.

Obesity Medicine Association

Doctor Aron is licensed physician in Internal Medicine and Bariatrics — a Medical Weight Loss specialist — and member of the Obesity Medicine Association (formerly known as the American Society of Bariatric Physicians).

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About WeightLossNYC™

We provide specialized and medically supervised weight loss programs. We emphasize a holistic, multi-faceted approach, using structures to address the whole person.

Each patient receives individual care beginning with a comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis. Dr. Aron then addresses the necessary aspects to achieve the best results for each patient.

The focus of our work with you is to allow you to reach your goal of sustaining a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Oksana Aron, M.D., Bariatric Physician


Is Doctor Aron is a medical doctor or nutritionist?

Obesity Medicine Association

Doctor Aron is licensed physician in Internal Medicine and Bariatrics — a Medical Weight Loss specialist — and member of the Obesity Medicine Association, formerly known as the American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP)).

Why choose Dr. Aron?

When it comes to weight loss, safety is the biggest concern. At our center, you are examined and monitored by a highly trained physician during every visit. Decisions made regarding your care and progress is done so with the expert knowledge of a medical professional. We are dedicated to your safety and long term success.

WeightLossNYC™ is not your typical weight loss center: You will soon come to realize there are many attributes that differentiate us from other weight loss programs. We don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach.

We Care for Patients, not Customers.

Each patient is examined by a bariatric (weight loss) physician. Each visit you will work directly with Dr Aron, a medical specialist extensively trained in obesity management. Providing individual treatment sets our program apart from advertised commercial weight loss group programs. Additionally, as a medical weight loss program, we do ongoing evaluations of your health status and decrease your medications for weight-related diseases as your health improves. We can also prescribe weight control medications, such as appetite suppressants and others, to assist with your weight loss efforts.

Will I need prescription medication?

There is a wide range of appetite curbing medication designed to take the edge off your hunger. When medically indicated and as part of a carefully monitored program, Dr Aron will select the right prescription for you. Dr. Aron uses appetite suppressants to decrease your desire for food and also boost your metabolism. We do everything we can to help you to lose weight without being hungry!

Why do I need to under a doctor’s care in order to lose weight? Can’t I just go on one of the many diets I hear and read about that seem to produce such remarkable results?

It is true that many published diets, especially those of the crash variety, result in rapid, temporary weight loss. We emphasize the word temporary. Few people can tolerate for long the boredom of foods eaten on such programs and, if they could, serious damage to their health from nutritional deficiency might result. Even a return to previous eating habits, after being on such diets, will often bring the weight right back to the original point or higher.

Our program addresses the structures of eating and habits as well as medical factors of obesity.

Why is your success rate so high in keeping weight off, once it has been reduced?

This is due to the basic thoroughness of the initial medical examination in diagnosing the underlying factors of the patient’s weight problem. The guidelines in nutrition and exercise that the patient receives bring more conscious thought to bear on good health and proper eating habits. As the program progresses, you will feel so much better in every way that you will have less inclination to relapse into your old eating habits.

Physiologically, no two human bodies are alike. What is proper diet and exercise for one person is not necessarily so for another. The Bariatric Weight Loss Program concentrates on the specific need for each individual patient. The Bariatric physician, unlike most other medical doctors, has received special training in nutrition as it relates to problems of the overweight. It is in these ways that the bariatric weight loss program differs from most weight control programs and insures our high success rate.

Is your program effective?

Not only is our program effective, it is clinically research proven. You will lose weight on our program safely and consistently.

I’ve wanted to lose weight for a long time. How can you help motivate me to really do it?

Our exclusive Behavior Education Program and one-on-one counseling have helped thousands of people done what they thought they would never do: lose weight and keep it off. Each week you'll learn new ways of thinking and behaving while developing healthy weight loss attitudes and skills. We strive to make sure that you’ll not need to join a weight loss program again.

Is your program right for me?

It is if you want to lose weight. Results of 10-20 lbs per month may be achieved, though vary depending on your starting weight, which program you choose to follow, and other factors. After you lose weight by following our nutritional program, we stay on the job, with individual counseling and monitoring, to help you keep it off.

How long do I have to stay on this weight loss program?

The length of time you may stay on the program depends on how much weight you wish to lose. As you know, weight loss is not about a "quick fix!"We will work with you to help you to achieve on-going success. You determine your participation in the program. Your target weight is your goal. What we provide is the guidance and tools to meet your needs, a medically proven structure and means to achieve your goals.

What does Bariatric mean?

Bariatrics is a branch of medicine that deals specifically with problems of obesity, or being overweight. It is a very specialized field and only about 1% of the medical doctors in this country are qualified members of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians. Since obesity is a disease, it makes sense to treat it as one. In 1985, the National Institutes of Health, at its Health Consensus Development Conference on the Health Implications of Obesity, stated that obesity is a specific disease entity that should be treated and monitored medically by a trained physician

Bariatric physicians, or bariatricians, are medical doctors who specialize in the treatment of overweight and obese patients and related medical conditions. These licensed physicians have received special training in Bariatric Medicine: the art and science of medical weight management. Bariatricians treat overweight and obese patients with a comprehensive program of diet and nutrition, exercise, behavioral therapy and, when necessary, the prescription of appetite suppressants and other appropriate medications. The word bariatric stems from the Greek root baro meaning heavy or large.

What is body composition analysis (BCA)?

Body composition is the amount of water, lean body mass and fat in the human body. The true definition of obesity is based on the percentage of body fat. Standard height and weight charts are inadequate in assessing a patient’s percent body fat. BCA can determine how much of your body weight is fat mass, and therefore what your percent body fat is. Our highly innovative scale figures this number using bioelectrical impedance, which measures the conductivity of different body compartments using very small electrical currents. Differences in water content within fat tissue compared to lean body tissue affects the how the current is conducted. Our goal is to help you have good quality weight loss, which means, loss of body fat mass only. Rapid weight loss can result is sacrificing too much lean body mass (which may ultimately slow down your metabolism making the weight loss harder to sustain long-term). We want to help you lose weight rapidly, but not at the expense of losing lean body mass. This is why we measure your body composition at each and every visit, so we can monitor the quality of your weight loss.

If you were trying to lose weight on your own and are just using a conventional scale, you may start to lose motivation if you aren’t seeing the scale move fast enough. Weight loss progress, as measured on a conventional scale, can sometimes be erratic and unpredictable due to water fluctuations (especially in women who still are menstruating). This phenomenon can be unsettling if it were unexpected and especially if you have been following a program religiously and don’t see the anticipated loss of pounds on the scale. The benefit of having your body composition analyzed at each visit is you will know when your scale isn’t moving simply due to water retention. In actuality, you may still be losing fat mass, which means you are still improving your body composition and making progress with your weight loss.

The method that we use to obtain this information is called electrical bioimpedence. It is a non-invasive and accurate test. It does require the following preparation instructions: no alcohol consumption within 24 hours prior to your first visit, no exercise, caffeine or food within 4 hours prior to taking the test, and drink 2 to 4 glasses of water 2 hours prior to taking the test.

Do you prescribe Phentermine?

There are many weight loss medications we use in our practice, Phentermine is one.

In the course of the program, Dr. Aron will review with you each visit, the treatment protocol she advises for your program.

Is your weight loss program safe if I have diabetes or any other medical conditions?

Not only are our programs safe for people with diabetes, hypertension, and other medical problems, they are helpful in controlling any further complications that result from these diseases. More than this, our weight loss programs can help alleviate many of the other conditions that result from obesity, including arthritis, coronary artery disease, sleep apnea, and persistent lymphedema, lower extremity edema, hypertension, and high cholesterol..

Do I need a referral?

We are a direct access facility. One of your rights in New York State is to be able to come to medical providers without a referral. Our program is self-pay, though you may have additional options available to you.

Who comes to Dr Aron’s Medical Weight Loss Center?

People of all ages come when they need professional help with weight issues, particularly those requiring a change in lifestyle. Many come because they primarily want to lose weight, from just a few pounds to several hundred. Others come because they recognize the importance of normal weight, nutrition, activity and behavioral change in the management of medical problems such as coronary disease, hypertension, diabetes or the metabolic syndrome.