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Initial Consultation with Dr Aron, Bariatric Physician

For You

Your initial medical evaluation is time reserved especially for you. We provide a considerable amount of time for you to spend with the weight loss doctor so she has ample opportunity to evaluate your information thoroughly, educate you on the current understanding of obesity and how it is treated, formulate an your treatment regimen and review the structure with you to your complete understanding.


The lab test is very comprehensive and a great value. This required lab profile includes a Complete Blood Count, Thyroid Panel with TSH, Lipid Panel and a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel. If you have a lab profile that meets this requirement that is dated within three months prior to your initial visit, the physician would be happy to accept it.

Initial Visit

Your first visit consists of Dr. Aron evaluating how genetics, metabolism, eating habits and other factors contributed to your weight problem. She will recommend laboratory tests to confirm her evaluation.

Your initial visit includes:

  1. A comprehensive review of your nutritional, physical activity, emotional state, family and medical history.
  2. Physical examination
  3. Two week supply of vitamins
  4. Two week supply of natural appetite suppressants
  5. Body composition analysis
  6. Blood drawn for lab testing (can be sent to laboratory which participates with your coverage, else lab fee additional.)
  7. EKG (if necessary) and interpretation
  8. Nutritional Guidance and Diet Program
  9. Diet Materials (menus, worksheets, etc.)
  10. Exercise Prescription

Our Approach

We approach each patient individually and do a careful initial assessment that determines your specific needs. During your initial evaluation, the details of your weight gain history and past medical history are thoroughly reviewed. Each patient is assessed for hormonal causes of weight gain as well as medical conditions that are consequence of excess weight. You medications are evaluated to assess their contribution to your weight control difficulties. Our protocol includes body composition analysis (BCA), calculation of your BMI, a comprehensive physical examination, including laboratory analysis of blood, electrocardiogram (EKG, if needed.) Finally, when all the information about you is taken into consideration, an appropriate course of treatment can be recommended.

The doctor will review the proposed treatment options with you and provide you with a medically relevant diet, make appropriate medication additions and/or changes and offer suggestions for physical activity that are appropriate for your current state of health and physical activity level. The doctor will also bring to light any salient counter-productive behaviors and address eating disorders.

We can discuss all the exciting treatment options we have to offer during your initial medical evaluation. Our services are constantly evolving. Your continual feedback is essential; we listen to our patients and constantly seek to improve.

Don’t let your past experiences of trying to lose weight keep you from picking up the phone and calling us. Remember, our purpose in being here is to help you lose weight. We want to do that in a way that contributes to your health, happiness and long-term weight goals.

If we can assist you in any way, or if you would like to make an appointment with Dr. Aron, please call our weight loss clinic at 718-491-5525.