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Weight Loss Assistant, Free Mobile Application

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  • Research Food Nutritional and Caloric Information
  • Email Food Results to yourself or friends
  • Access entire FDA food database on your device

Download Instructions

  • Visit download page with your mobile device to install app directly “over-the-air” (OTA)
  • Please read and agree to terms of use. Enjoy our program and be sure to let us know how you like it.

Usage Instructions:

Find Nutritional Information on Popular Food Items

food results
  1. Launch Application, scroll to “Food Name”
  2. Type in a keyword such as egg, bread, salmon, etc.
  3. Press “Search” button - results list will appear with name, portion size and calories. (note: Data or WIFI connection needed.)
  4. Scroll and click on the item of interest, a detailed screen for that item will appear with more complete nutritional details.
  5. Click your blackberry back key to start a new search, or continue below to save results
food details

Browse portion and calorie results.

Scroll down and click on any item for more food item details.

Click back arrow to view another item, or again to start a new search.

Email results screen to yourself or to a friend

email results
  1. From Food details screen (step 4 above) click your blackberry menu key (key with 7 dots)
  2. Select “Mail Details” to open a new email message edit window with screen contents.
  3. Fill out and send to yourself or a friend

Didn’t Find What You Wanted?

We’ve tried to keep the database simple for faster searches and easier reference. If you feel we missed something we’d be glad to add additional records to our system. Just click your blackberry key from the program’s main screen and choose “Give Feedback”. Send us an email with your comments. Thanks for using our program.

Calculate Your Health Risk

Help yourself determine weight loss goals and aim for your best health condition. Educate your friends and loved ones on what their target weight should be and support each other in staying fit.

  1. From application's main screen, scroll down to “Calculate Your Health Risk”
  2. Enter in your weight in pounds, height in feet and inches.
  3. Click Calculate for instant result of your obesity health risk.

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