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Weight Loss Patient Forms

By scheduling your appointment with us, you have taken the most important first step.

Prepare for your visit

New Patient Form
new weight loss patient form

Welcome New Patient

Save time during first visit check-in

If you have a printer, here is the perfect way to save time on your first visit. Print and fill out the new patient information form. Bring it with you on your first appointment.

Thank you for choosing WeightLossNYC™, you will love the new you.

Body Mass Index

Find out now if you are overweight or obese, and your relative health risk, with our free online BMI Calculator.

Follow-Up Forms

Food Diary

Food Diary
meal diary

Misplaced your food diary or want to update your personal weight loss reasons? Here they are, or you can always ask for a new copy on your next visit.

Your Reasons

Why I Want to Lose Weight

“Why I Want to Reach My Goal Weight”

Before writing your reasons down, give them some thought. It is important that these reasons be true personal goals and desires. They should not be generalizations or what you think would please others because they will be used as your “personal motivator.”

Take a few moments from time to time each day to thoughtfully read through this list. This is called mental programming. The original of your reasons list is retained in your medical file. You are encouraged to carry a copy with you to read at all times.