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Will you prescribe weight loss medications? If so, which ones?

If you are struggling to lose weight and believe you can use the extra support provided by appetite suppressant medications and if they are appropriate for you medically you may choose to take them, but you are not obligated to take them. It is a very personal and individualized decision which should be discussed with the physician. Generally speaking, weight loss medications have great efficacy. There is no “magic bullet” for weight loss. Medication is a “tool” to assist in the weight loss process. In our practice, medications are prescribed only in conjunction with following a sensible calorie controlled nutritional diet. Taking medication while eating sensibly will greatly enhance the efficacy of the medication. They are many different medications to assist with the process, just as there are many different tools in a toolbox. You need to find the right tool for the right job. We’d have to evaluate you to see what medication would be most appropriate for you and you will be carefully screened for any contraindications.

Through our comprehensive program, many individuals have lost well in excess of 20% of their initial body weight using a combination of appetite suppressants and a Low Calorie Diet, while eating just regular grocery store foods prepared at home or by dining out.

Is the medication that you use considered safe?

Yes. All the medications that we dispense to patents are FDA (government) approved and fully endorsed by the American Society of Bariatric Physicians and the American Board of Bariatric Medicine. Moreover we use the top of the line, products, vitamins, and supplements. Our medication is a 100% pharmaceutical grade.

How do I know that weight loss medications are right for me?

Schedule an appointment with Dr Aron, weight loss physician. The doctor usually base her decision based on your weight and height, medical history, family history, and your lifestyle. If further workup is required doctor will discuss details with you prior to performing any tests on you or starting you on any medications.

Why might medications be necessary?

Several safe and effective prescription medicines and natural supplements can be used to suppress hunger and add support to your diet and lifestyle. Appetite suppressants do work, and can be very useful in kick-starting your weight loss. They also increase your metabolism, and your energy level. Prescription medications, for example, have been shown to increase weight loss by 50-100%.

The use of certain vitamins as catalysts involved with fat metabolism is an important part of our program.

Your physical examination and blood studies will reveal much of the information your physician will need in prescribing for your weight problem. Your progress will be watched carefully and re-evaluated by your physician in future appointments.

What prescription medications do you use?

We use many different medications, including Phentermine, Phendimetrazine, and Diethylpropion. Adipex, Bontril, Ionamine, Tenuate (see table)

Does your practice use the medication combination known as Fen/Phen?

No. We do not use the medication combination known as Phen/Fen.

Fenfluramine (also known as Pondimin) and Dexfenfluramine (Redux) are two different medications that were used by some doctors in the past for the treatment obesity. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned their use in 1997.

What if I want to be on a more natural diet without medications?

Dr. Aron offers a range of choices, some include medication and others do not. We'll design a program with your wishes in mind that will enhance your success. We also can provide you with natural appetite suppressants if it is necessary.

Can medications replace physical activity or changes in eating habits as a way to lose weight?

No. The use of appetite suppressant medications to treat obesity should be combined with physical activity and improved diet to lose and maintain weight successfully over the long term.

How will I be evaluated to determine if I am an appropriate candidate for appetite suppressant medication treatment?

Dr. Aron will look at a number of factors to determine if you are a good candidate for prescription appetite suppressant medication treatment of obesity. She will determine how overweight you are and where your body fat is distributed. If you have been unable to lose weight or maintain weight loss with non-drug treatment, she may recommend that you use prescription appetite suppressant medications.

Dr. Aron also will:

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